KB AutoTech Continues to buld up and looks ahead for a global leadership

KB AutoTech


KB AutoTech’s automotive air-conditioning system and heat exchanger take the lead in realizing the safety, comfort and convenience of vehicle.

KB AutoTech has been acknowledged as the pioneer of automotive climate control system in Korea since 1969 when it first produced heat exchanger. For the last 40 years KB AutoTech has been developing its competencies through constant innovation in technology and process. With ceaseless innovation and successful application of heat exchangers, KB AutoTech provides our customers with the absolute air-conditioning solutions for transportation; passenger/ commercial vehicle, bus and train.

KB AutoTech is pouring its all efforts, focused on future automotive climate control system, to develop and produce improved modules, more compact and lighter products and environmentally friendly material in preparation for change of automotive technology. To survive in today's highly competitive market and satisfy our customers, KB AutoTech is entirely devoted to manufacture safe products based on state-of-the-art technology and continue to push forward innovation initiatives.

  • Company Motto: Unity and Harmony, Diligence and Sincerity, Order and Tidiness
  • ceo:Rhee Oun Chang
  • Established in: October 1962
  • Address: 121-2, Maegok-ri, Tangjung-myun, Asan-si, Chungnam, Korea
  • Capital stock: 45.7 Billion KRW
  • No. of employees: 520 people


Symbol Mark:The round shape symbolizes the earth and tangled two Chinese characters, Kab(甲) and Ul(乙), which are the motif of company name (KB). The symbol mark means the company expands its market in all directions.

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