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  • Radiator
  • Intercooler


In order to cope with the enhanced output power, improved instant acceleration ability, miniaturization, improved mileage, and reduced pollutant emission of automobile engines, and in particular with intensifying worldwide regulations against emissions for global environmental conservation, turbocharger and TCI (Turbocharger Intercooler) engines tend to be used increasingly, in place of existing naturally-aspirated engines. According to the typical configuration of a TCI engine, high-temperature air, which is compressed by a turbocharger using emissions pressure, is fed to an engine outlet by being cooled by an intercooler. The mounting of the intercooler can lead to the following effects: (1) improved air-intake efficiency, (2) enhanced engine power, (3) improved fuel consumption ratio (PS/LR), (4) reduced emissions (in particular, NOx, PM), and (5) improved engine durability.